• Education Business Solution

    We have the total Education Business Solution to build your brand name in your community, enhance your competitive edge, raise enrolment of students for your centre(s), raise your efficiency in managing your centre and sustain your student base management.


Digital Marketing Hub is formed by a dedicated team of IT Solution Experts, Marketing Professionals and Education Consultants who have good understanding of the education industry to formulate a total business solution to support education businesses.

Our mission is to create an education hub that will provide the education institutions in Singapore a viable platform to sustain and expand their education business with cost-efficient and revenue optimizing administrative and marketing tools.

We understand the complications and complexities in the education industry in Singapore and have developed the various business and education tools solutions and tools to help education businesses overcome the problems of manpower crunch, lack of support for marketing and administrative activities, absence of educational development and the absence of digital marketing development.

Student Management & Administration

Student Registration and administration system

We make student registration convenient and easier to allow efficient administration of your classes and raise enrolment for your education services.

Student Communication Process

We enhance the communication process through our communication module to establish a cordial and swift relationship between you and your students.

Manpower administration

We create the system for better management of manpower for allocation in your education business and development of your manpower for the expansion of your education business.

Efficient Billing System

We make billing easy and efficient to build an effective tracking of cash-flow and revenue, allowing your business to maintain liquidity for expansion of business.

Accounting and Report Management

We make the accounting process more detailed and manageable to allow you to make it easy for accountability and informative for business decision-making.

Education Marketing Development

Business Profile Development

We can nurture your brand into a household name and sustain your customer-student-centre relationship to make your centre the source of reference for your education services in your community.

Community Brand Development

We can make your tuition or education center become one of the leading education service provider in your neighborhood and build the community relationship through our neighborhood marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Development

We can create a flow of communication between you and your customers in the virtual world, so as to ensure that the customers are well-informed ofyour educational services through multiple on-line platforms and digital marketing activities.

Don’t take our word for it

What Our Customers Say About EBS

We are glad to have EBS as part of our marketing solution to raise our competitive edge in Bishan. By working together in this Bishan Tuition Hub platform, we can raise our competitive edge.

Jospehine Lee C Y
Jospehine Lee C YPrincipal, Edutree

The website built by DMH and the SEO and SEM strategy is helping to make the education services provided by JCMathstuition.com.sg more prominent in the virtual world of Google. It has made Sales Enrolment simpler and less frictional in the process and has been useful in building our profile.

Rafiq Tan
Rafiq TanPrincipal Founder and Tutor JCMathstuition.com.sg

The EBS business plan and advice given by Business Consultant from Digital Marketing Hub have been very helpful in establishing a new start-up like SendaryMathsTuition.com.sg, erasing the frictional path in finding our foot in the education industry. The website developed by DMH is SEO-friendly and the Educational Portal for Tampines is something I am looking forward to.

Jonathan Ng
Jonathan NgPrincipal Tutor Www.secondarymathstuition.com.sg

The EBS solution has further consolidated our position in Google ranking for my community at Bishan. The SEO strategy has given an edge in making my brand name more established in Bishan, helping to establish a permanent virtual presence to make it word-of-mouth referrals. Looking forward to establish a new centre with DMH at Tampines.

Simon Ng
Simon NgFounder and Principal Tutor Economicsfocus / www.generalpaper.com.sg

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